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Dia de los Muertos - Cuentos de mi Familia

This piece uses the traditions of the Day of the Dead celebration as a means to tell, within the context of a theatrical performance, stories distinctive to the Latin American Experience.

The play begins with a puppet/movement-based reenactment of the Monarch butterflies' yearly migration to Mexico. Legend has it that these butterflies are the souls of the dead returning home for Dia de los Muertos. A young boy, Alex (played by adult performer) seems to be speaking to one of the butterflies as his best friend Hannah (also an adult performer) enters. Alex explains that he was thinking of his Abuelo (his grandfather) - a great storyteller, a farmer, and a performer with the Teatro Campesino. Alex is hoping to be able to commune with the spirit of his Abuelo as part of the upcoming Day of the Dead celebration. At this moment, the spirit of Alex's grandfather does arrive (played by our third adult performer). Happy to be reunited, the two begin to share with Andy some of the stories of their heritage (told in the comedia style of Teatro Campesino) including the story of how the Lord of the Sky frees music from the Sun and shares it with all the world.

There are many opportunities for young audience members to take part - including participation in the initial butterfly dance, singing of Cielito Lindo in Spanish, playing of instruments during the story of the Wind and the Sun and the taking on of masked characters.

Dia de los Muertos - Cuentos de mi Familia is approximately 45 minutes in length and, like all Creative PlayGround shows, is presented in the round and requires only an empty space.

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