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In-the-Round Plays

All of Creative PlayGround's pieces have been developed to be suitable for children from 1-11 years of age. They are presented by a cast of three, professional adult actors, "in-the-round" with the children sitting on the floor, close to the performers, thus remaining completely engaged with and involved in the story and action of the play.

The pieces are all approximately 45 minutes in length and highly interactive involving both group participation as well as opportunities for single volunteers to take a role in the story. It is our goal to make each performance (often the first theatre experience for our audiences) an inviting and highly accessible experience. To this end, our productions are designed to resemble a child's pretending, relying on the skill of our performers and encouraging the imagination of our audiences to create the worlds of each story rather than using overly ornate production values to do the audience's creating for them. Our pieces are positive modeling for children's play encouraging our audiences to use their imaginations, tell their own stories, read books and bring them to life.

Technical Requirements

Creative PlayGround requires only an empty space to perform. We require no chair set-up. We seat the students, on the floor, in-the-round. Plays can be presented in or out of doors however, outdoor spaces need to take acoustics and audience comfort into account. In traditional school auditoriums with locked down seating, we perform on the floor in the pit seating the students around us, up into the chairs, and on the edge of the stage.

We have online versions of Dia de los Muertos: Cuentos de mi Familia, Aesop's Fables, and Three Tales by Hans Christian Anderson.

Contact us to bring Creative PlayGround to your classroom ONLINE!

In-the-Round Plays

Dia de los Muertos - Cuentos de mi Familia

We Shall Overcome

The Velveteen Rabbit

The Legends of King Arthur

Ferdinand the Bull

Three Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

Aesop's Fables

Halloween Stories

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